A new initiative designed to reach out to college students pursuing liturgical music studies

The board members of NPM-Grand Rapids has just established a fund to pay the NPM national membership dues for students pursuing studies in liturgical music and related fields! All students attending a college within the diocese, as well as residents of the diocese who are studying outside the area, are eligible to apply. The program is also offered to local seminarians who maintain a special interest in liturgical music.

Click on the image for a printable flyer

Eligible students, up to 21 years-old, will have their dues paid by the chapter for up to four years, with optional two additional years for graduate study. They will also receive membership in the Grand Rapids NPM Chapter. A simple annual renewal will be required to determine ongoing eligibility.

The plan is designed to reach out to our students, encouraging them in their studies, and connecting them to the diocesan community of pastoral musicians.

All are invited to participate in in this program by donating to the fund in any amount. Gifts in any amount: $5, 10, $20… or the exact amount of a student membership ($45), are welcomed and encouraged. Larger gifts will enable the program to expand into offering additional benefits., e.g., financial assistant toward attending an NPM convention or workshop.

You might consider an annual collection for this fund taken up among the pastoral musicians in your parish.

Make your check payable to NPM, add the memo “student fund,” and send your contribution to:
Aline Snoeyink, Treasurer, 922 Beach Sw Wyoming MI 49519

For an application form, click here.