NPM National and Chapter Membership FAQs

Are NPM and NPM Grand Rapids the same thing?

The local chapter of the NPM is an authorized arm of the national organization, sanctioned by the Diocese to operate in this manner. It has bylaws that correspond to the organizational structure set up by NPM, but otherwise the two function separately, though it is understood that the chapter represents NPM locally.  The membership and dues are also separate.  You can be a member of the chapter without holding a national membership, but chapter board memers are required to maintain their national membership. 

I am already a member of NPM, why should I pay to join the local chapter?

The local chapter supports musicians in the greater Grand Rapids area with events that develop, inspire and refresh us for liturgical ministry.  We are a resource for pastors, music directors, cantors, instrumentalists, and choir members.  We support college students pursuing a full or part-time career in liturgical music. The local dues funds these activities.

What is the difference between the Single and Parish Memberships?

Single memberships are $20 per year and cover the membership of any individual, e.g., pastor, music director, organist, etc., and/or any other "leadership" persons. There is no limit to the numer of individual memberships for a single parish.

            A parish membership costs $150. Parish memberships support the work of the chapter in a special way, and they are indeed its benefactors. With a parish membership any, and as many, members of the music ministry may sign up to become a regular voting chapter member. Additionally, all other members of the music ministry, e.g., choir or ensemble members, cantors, instrumentalists, etc., are eligible to be enrolled as subscribers to the monthly chapter newsletter at no additional cost.  

What about my pastor?

NPM has always promoted the importance of maintaining a strong professional relationship between pastor and pastoral musician. To that extent, it considers a model parish to be one in which the pastor and musician are both members. Pastors can join with either an individual membership, or through a parish membership. 

Other membership questions?